Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Awareness on Hyderabad Traffic

We know most of the traffic jam will happen just because of lack of driving sense. If the person is really don’t know the rules that are fine but what about the people who use BMW and BENZ. We cannot treat them as an uneducated fellow may be we need some word to call them.

But these days Hyderabad Police started a good initiation to control the traffic in main junctions. They will get succeeded only when we follow rules correctly. We are not kids to take a session from the traffic police on rules.

Of course everyone has to reach their destinations in time but what about people who strictly follow traffic rules. They will always late to their duties just because of following rules. When he thinks to start of violating the rules just imagine what will happen. So it’s our responsibility to follow the rules so that everyone will reach their destinations in time.

The below points can be useful to avoid traffic Jams 
  • Allot some place to Auto’s wherever the City Bus Points are placed.
  • The bus should always stop in City Bus Points not on main roads. In Peak Hours people used to occupying the main roads to catch the bus.
  • The Bus Shelter always far from the Traffic Signal Points.  Now all the bus shelters are placed in very near to the signal points.
  • Wherever the traffic jam happening regularly traffic police should keep a divider or separator otherwise people used to come in wrong way.

Start Follow Traffic Rules now...

Just imagine whether our next generation can ride the vehicles on road in Hyderabad? I would say not possible because of heavy traffic…. When we are not following the traffic rules how can we expect our next generation follow.

Being a good parent we are encouraging our kids in studies, sports other cultural activities but not in social awareness. 

Let’s follow the Traffic rules considering our next generation so that they will get inspiration, which can help them to enjoy their livelihood.  We always try to give them best in their life like money, Education. If you really think that they want to enjoy their life they also need free traffic in Hyderabad roads.

Please follow the Traffic Rules give a better Traffic Less city to our next generation. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hyderabad Traffic Police

When you are commenting on Hyderabad Traffic Police first you please see this picture published in one of the popular telugu news paper

This is happened recently when a sub Inspector parked his vehicle opposite to Traffic Rules then he caught by one Traffic Inspector write the penalty to Sub Inspector for not obey the Traffic Rules